Marlee Schwartz

Co-Director, Founder and Performer

Marlee is so thrilled to be the co-director of Covid Creations! She loves playing guitar and piano, and enjoys singing folk music and musical theatre. Her favourite artists are Fleetwood Mac, Sufjan Stevens, Harry Styles, and Mac Miller. She initiated and performed in two other charity concert fundraisers in the past and is extremely excited to be working with such talented performers in this show!

Josh Friedman

Co-Director and Performer

Josh is so excited to be the co-director of Covid Creations! His favourite genres to play are folk and classic rock, and his favourite artists are Harry Styles, Elton John, and John Mayer. He is taking part in this concert because he's tired of being stuck at home and wants to help make a difference against the virus.

Josh Samuels


Josh is an incredible cello player! His favourite musical artists to listen to are Gustav Mahler, Claude Debussy, and Bill Evans. He is taking part in this concert because music has the power to transport us to different worlds, and he is sure most of us wouldn't mind being in a different one these days.

Evan Singer


Evan is an awesome guitar player! He enjoys playing blues and classic rock, and his favourite artists are B.B. King, Eric Clapton, and Guns n' Roses. He knew performing was something he wanted to pursue after his first live performance with a band at a local pub in November 2018. He is excited to come together with other musicians in the community to perform for a great cause, because he believes all meaningful change starts from within ones' community!

Sofia Mora


Sofia is a talented musician and singer! She loves playing pop music and her favourite artists are Harry Styles, Bad Bunny, and Ben Platt. She is participating in the concert because it is fundraising money to help those in need during the situation we are living in right now. She is also participating because so many talented young people are taking part in it, and she couldn't be more excited!

Isaac Rosenberg


Isaac is an incredible musician! He enjoys playing blues, jazz, and rock. His favourite artists are Paul Simon, Duke Ellington, and Talking Heads. He has performed at incredible music festivals, including the Glatt&Verkhert festival in Austria, the Folk Holidays festival in Czechia, and KlezKanada in Montreal. He is featured on the album Yiddish Glory: The Lost Songs of World War II, which was nominated for a Grammy Award!

Jaz Lende


Jaz is an amazing singer! She loves taking classic pop/rock songs and turning them into indie covers. Her favourite artists are girl in red, Harry Styles, and Tyler the Creator. To her, it seemed like an absolute no brainer to participate in this concert and she is very excited to do what she loves and raise money for a good cause!

Kaileigh Webber


Kaileigh is an amazing musical theatre singer and performer! Her favourite musical artists are Ryan McCartan, Ben Platt, and Harry Styles. She is participating in the concert because it is an incredible way to fundraise for research, while also spreading love and music! She is so excited to be part of such a wonderful cause!

Abi Francseshetti


Abi is an awesome singer and ukulele player! Some of her favourite musicians include Harry Styles, Labrinth, The Tallest Man on Earth, and Frank Ocean. She is super excited to raise money for COVID-19 research while sharing her love for music!

Hassan Khan


Hassan is a great musical artist! His favourite genres to sing are pop and indie, and he enjoys playing in Concert Band. His favourite artists are The Beatles, FUR, and Gwen Stefani. He started performing in grade 8 when he sang "Master of the House" in the school talent show, and since then he has performed in the school choir, band, and most recently playing a lead in his school's musical!

Josh Franks


Josh is a talented guitar player! He enjoys playing rock music, and his favourite artists are Guns N' Roses, The Beatles, and James Taylor. He is taking part in this concert because he thinks it is very important to give back to the community during times like this, and it's going to be fun!

Manuel Aguilera


Manuel is an amazing musician! He enjoys playing R&B and pop, and his favourite artsits are Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and John Mayer. He enjoys singing at school performances and at an arts summer camp, and is currently in the process of releasing a music video he recorded!

Mia Rebelo


Mia is an incredible musical theatre singer! Her favourite artist is Ben Platt, and her favourite musicals are Les Miserables, Bonnie and Clude, and Spring Awakening. Her past musical credits include Papa Ge in Once on this Island and Mrs. Wormwood in Matilda, as well as playing the lead in two school musicals!

Jared Winberg


Jared is an amazing musician! He enjoys playing jazz music and his favourite artists are Wayne Shorter, Jacob Collier, and Vulfpeck. He competed in the Battle of the Scores competition at TIFF Nextwave and composed the soundtrack for a short film! He is taking part in the concert because he likes music.

Kenneth Calangan


Kenneth is a talented musical theatre performer! His favourite artists are Jason Robert Brown, Stephen Sandheim, and Ben Platt. He is taking part in the concert because it is for a great cause, and being able to combine one of his passions and help raise money with it to help aid in this pandemic is the greatest feeling in the world.

Will Ward


Will is an incredible musician! His favourite artists are Evangeline Gentle, Haley Blais, and Cavetown. He is a self taught musician who can't read sheet music, however he has performed in coffee houses where he lives and in church! He is taking part in this concert to raise money for COVID-19 research and to find other young artists.

Maya Katz


Maya is an amazing singer and performer! She enjoys playing various styles of rok, and her favourite artists are Queen, Whitney Houston, and Damien Rice. She firmly believes in the power of the arts and its ability to create throughout the world, which is why she completely supports and is incredibly proud and humbled to be taking part in this concert!

Vitaliy Yushvaev


VItaliy is an awesome alternative/indie musician who goes by the name Vmusicway! His favourite artists are FINNEAS, JP Saxe, and Ed Sheeran. He is super excited to take part in this concert and have the chance to gather the community together during such hard times, and unite the listeners with the common goal of raising funds for COVID-19 research! He is looking forward to performing for all of you very soon!

Sage Siegel


Sage is a talented pop singer! Her favourite artists are Sara Bareilles, Frank Ocean, Alicia Keys, and Harry Styles. She performed in ICRF Duets 2019 and released her first ever single called "I Don't Care" in 2019. She is thrilled to be participating in this concert because it's an amazing opportunity to raise money for a great cause and share what she loves to do most with the community!

Mitchell Green


Mitchell is a talented jazz and rock musician! His favourite artists are The Coasters, Louis Armstrong, and The Kinks. He has performed in his camp production of Matilda the Musical, as well as performing in his school's musical, choir, Culturama, and Klezmer Band. He is excited to take part in this incredible showcase of talent, all for a good cause!

Cindy Kofman


Cindy is an amazing pop singer! Her favourite artists are Tate Mcrae, Johnny Orlando, and Dua Lipa. She has performed at Youth Day, RHHS Coffeehouse, and many showcases and talent shows. Along with her band Girl Pow-R, she has performed at the Boys of Summer Tour, Toronto Kids Fashion Week, Ribfests, Sick Kids Fundraiser, Girl Expo, and many more! She is so excited to be performing in the concert because it's for an amazing cause that she can use her singing to help!

Meghan Hendrickson


Meghan is an incredible lyrical musician! Her favourite artists are Frank Sinatra, Arturo Sandoval, and Gustav Mahler. She has always loved performing and was crushed by the lack of arts in the pandemic. Thanks to Covid Creations student artists have another opportunity to do what they love!